alto-reedWe are excited to announce that a special musical guest will be joining us on Saturday, October 1st for the 24th Annual Hands Across The Valley event – Alto Reed (, Grammy winner and Bob Seger Silver BulletTurn the Page” Saxman. Alto will perform an early preview of his new “Legacy” album/tour for us before he returns to Napa on October 15, 2016 to perform his “Legacy Tour” at the Uptown Theatre with Special Guests – Leah Tysse, Volker Strifler, and Don Bassey (tickets available at

Alto Reed is a founding and current member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. In the early 70’s, Reed began what is now a long career with Bob Seger, creating signature sax lines on numerous Seger classics like “Turn The Page”, “Old Time Rock and Roll”, “Main Street”, “The Horizontal Bop” and many more. Alto is celebrated for his electrifying concert performances, and has been an intrinsic musical ingredient on more than a dozen multi-platinum albums with sales of close to 100,000,000 worldwide. As a result he has secured his status as one of Rock & Roll’s iconic sax players.

Thank you Alto Reed for participating in this year’s event!!